Memory bugs with iOS



I’m building an app with Ionic 1.7.14 and Cordova 6.0.0.
Since the beginning of the development, I have trouble with memory.
When I build the app in Xcode, sometimes memory grows very fast (when the app launches).
It starts with 40Mo/s, and grows until 100, 200 Mo. Until app crashes.
And the app is frozen, I can’t do anything.

But half the time everything is fine, the app launches correctly, and memory stays between 35 and 45 Mo/s

I really don’t understand what’s happening. I thought about network troubles, and I disabled it. It wasn’t that.
I tried to remove some Ionic directives (sometimes it looks good, the app launches correctly when I run it multiple times). But the bugs come back after many runs.

The app is small, I just have 5 or 6 views. And I use $http to get data from a website. But the bugs came before I use it, so the problem is not coming from $http.

The bugs came very early, when I started to build the left side menu.

So I hope someone could help me on that. I really don’t understand what’s happening …