Meaning of "path" in "proxies" in ionic.config.json


Hi everyone,
I want to add proxies to ionic.config.json for handling CORS during ionic serve, and actually don’t understand the application of “path”. I know that proxies have two member: path and proxyUrl and proxyUrl is the url of webservice, that I try to connect it but what is the meaning of path?
I tried to understand it through “Handling CORS issues in Ionic” article, but the problem is not clear still.
Can anyone explain it for me?
thanks in advanced

CORS error even after adding Allow-control-allow-origin plugin

A valid configuration looks like this:

 "proxies": [
      "path": "/v1",
      "proxyUrl": ""

Using the above configuration, you can now make requests to your local server at http://localhost:8100/v1 to have it proxy out requests to

From here: (Scroll down a bit to “Service proxies”.


Thank you Sujan120 for answer.
If I correctly understand it path must be the name of application on the webserver that I want to connect it but with url on local server at http://localhost:8100, and ionic server redirect my request to webserver. right?


path can be whatever you want it to be. But you will use it in the URL you call instead of the real URL by adding it after localhost:8100 as the path of the URL (get it?).


Thanks a lot Sujan120, Now I think can understand the issue.
Best regards


Hi Sujan12 again,
I have added a proxies tag to ionic.config.json as follows:

	"proxies": [
			"path": "/bvoipdatabase",
			"proxyUrl": ""

and a angular constant

    constant('ApiEndpoint', {
	url: 'http://localhost:8100/bvoipdatabase'

then a http get

   $http.get(ApiEndpoint.url + '/bvoip118support.asmx/GetCities')

but in run time the get function return an error such as:

 GET http://localhost:8100/bvoipdatabase/bvoip118support.asmx/GetCities 

as you see it seems that proxy does not work
can you please help me, what is wrong for me?

P.S. other hand the url: in a browser works fine.


You have to use the created path

http.get(’/bvoipdatabase’ + ‘/bvoip118support.asmx/GetCities’);


thank for reply LoLStats, but the problem stays still and only the error is changed to:
GET 404 (Not Found)

P.S. is my localhost


Thank a lot LoLStats it’s work. I have restarted ionic server and with a new ionic serve it work
Thank you again