Ionic 2 proxies/url call issue

I had this working before and not sure what has changed to make it stop working.
I have the following in my ionic.config.json

  "name": "app",
  "app_id": "",
  "v2": true,
  "typescript": true,
  "proxies": [
      "path": "/api",
      "proxyUrl": "http://localhost:58877"


and i am calling urls as /api/88b5d3cd-67a1-4d98-8676-aeebb0319e33

and i get a 404 to http://localhost:8103/api/88b5d3cd-67a1-4d98-8676-aeebb0319e33 (reported in chrome dev tools)

It seems the proxy part is working but if i actually put the http://localhost:8103/api/88b5d3cd-67a1-4d98-8676-aeebb0319e33 (same as above being reported as 404) into my browser i get

Requested URL: /88b5d3cd-67a1-4d98-8676-aeebb0319e33 and that is resulting in 404 on my iis server, some how the “/api” part is not being added when calling my local server.

If i call http://localhost:58877/api/88b5d3cd-67a1-4d98-8676-aeebb0319e33 which works fine so the issue is not on the server but what ionic does between the url and the proxy it seems.

i was missing the /api part from my proxyurl, that was the problem