May I introduce - the neodym IDE

Hey there,
last week I finished my master thesis dealing with the “design and implementation of an IDE for an improved development workflow for Ionic-based multi-platform apps”.

The first implemented version of this IDE is now available as an open-source project on github ( It is developed using NW.js (node-webkit) and AngularJS. Maybe you are interested in using it or helping me to fix some bugs or add new features. I uploaded some screenshots and wrote a description on each tool and functionality I already implemented.

This is my first big project and also my first open-source project and I think it has a great potential.

Please let me know what you think by writing a comment, a personal message, an issue or an e-mail… this would be really helpful for further development =)!

P.S. the current version only works on Windows but with NW.js it is possible to build a version for Linux and Mac OS X as well by changing a few things. Maybe some Linux or Mac specialists could help to fix those issues.