Material Design Pattern message?

Hello guys, I’m using ionic2 in a project, and want to know if the ionic 2 input components provides the material design message error and sucess pattern in some way? Or i need to create the style?




Hey, it currently does not, but I agree it is a nice feature to have. I created an issue for it but I can’t promise you a timeline of when it will be done. :smile:

Take a look at this Angular document on forms for how to style them with CSS (section: Add Custom CSS for Visual Feedback):

I did get around to adding some highlights to the MD inputs. These can be seen in alpha.39. An example of how to use them can be found here:

And if you want to change any of the css the classes used are here:


Super cool! =D
But the behavior on e-mail inputs I think is not right yet… the green inline is showed even without I put ‘@’ and ‘.’ in the field… How I can make this?


The only validation on the field is that it has a value, it is required. If you want to add email validation you will have to add a custom validator. This post has an example of it with the zipValidator:

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