Maps BLANK on ANDROID if go again in the map page, iOS OK

I’ve integrateing the cordova-plugin-googlemaps in my APP in this way:


<ion-content><div #map id="map"></div></ion-content>


    this.platform.ready().then(() => {
    let latLng  = new GoogleMapsLatLng(x,y);
  let mapOptions = {
    'backgroundColor': 'white',
    'mapType': "roadmap",
    'controls': {
      'compass': false,
      'myLocationButton': true,
      'indoorPicker': true,
      'zoom': true // Only for Android
    'gestures': {
      'scroll': true,
      'tilt': true,
      'rotate': true,
      'zoom': true
    'camera': {
      'latLng': latLng,
      'zoom': 8,
      'bearing': 0
  }; = new GoogleMap(this.mapElement,mapOptions); => {});

When I go from sidemenu in this page, the map loading correct, but when I try to go again in this page, in iOS that all ok, but in ANDROID I see a blank page.


Having this trouble on Android as well. Did you manage to fix it?