Make ion-icon bold || change icon on click

I have a requirement to make button look like an ion-icon which is fine, but this icon should do some changes when user presses it. Here I have two options to make this action visible:
-make the icon bolder or change it.

for making it bolder I’m trying to go this way:
in view:

<button class="button icon ion-ios-checkmark-outline makeMeBold larger-icon"> </button>

in css:

.button.icon.ion-ios-checkmark-outline.makeMeBold.larger-icon.activated {
font-weight: bold;
font-size: 58px;
color: darkred;
border: 0;

now, what it does is that when button is clicked (.activated) it changes it’s (icon’s) color. It doesn’t change it’s size nor weight --why??

For second question, what would be the way to change entire icon on button press (activated)?? - this qould be even better to have.

Thank you for insights!

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I have some queries - so what you are looking for is that if a user clicks a button, its ion-icon is enhanced, and then after the click even is commenced, then the ion-icon is back to its original position?

yes, the change should be visible only when you tap on it.
preferably it should change the icon itself but would be enough to make it just bold/bolder.

Is it just tap or is there an function called in the button ? Because if there is a function which takes in sometime to execute, then the icon change can be seen more prominently.

ng-class can be used if there is a prolonged activity in the button click. If not, the change will not reflect on the button activate.

well, at this time the button is functionless. in the future there should be some funct on it for sure.

add this style. it worked for me

 --ionicon-stroke-width: 64px;
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