Made a Material Tab Swiper with Stencil to support across platforms and frameworks

Hi, I am a very faithful user of ionic, have been for years. There are however a few things that lack here like all big frameworks do. That is a swipable material like tab-swiper. I came across a few which are not that flexible to use. They don’t support on desktop, etc.

With the advent of Stncil, ionic is deadly and more powerful than ever. So, I decided to leverage that power and made a long wanting tab-swiper which has animation and ripple effect.

As this is made with stencil, it not only supports all platforms but all frameworks. Even just a cdn will work in vanilla js. Here is the link to the npm package. Please suggest me if you found any bug or the documentation in npm needs to better.


I was not surprised to see 975 downloads in merely 30-35 hours as this thing has a huge demand not only in ionic fraternity but web as a whole.

Tested with ionic(angular), React, VanillaJS. Will be testing with Vue and Ember soon. I am using it in one ionic project of mine in production and flawlessly. The following example is of a vanillajs used with just a cdn.