Tabs with swipe

Ionic is best htm5 hybrid mobile framework. :smile:

I have a question:

I want create a navigation swipe for tabs, it same GooglePlay or Twitter android app.

How i can do? I’ve read some event

and i think can use it, but when navigation tab1 -> tab2, no animation.

Can you suggest me solution for animation?

Thank you!


I also need this. I saw it in fit rpg which was mentioned in a recent ionic blog post so you can do it with ionic its just a question of how hard is it. Anyways would really appropriate any information on implementing this or a timeline for when the ionic team would make it. Thanks

This question might help: I need a new Component! (Challenge?)

Here is a sample:


Thanks that’s perfect just need to style the tabs.

@epelc Glad it is helpful. Please do share after you have styled the component.

This is great for navigation, however I have one question. How can you stop the overscroll when you reach the sides (left and right)? If you have any pointers I would appreciate them, thank you!

I have one question:

How do config each tab with route?

your struct tab, all tab with run (only hidden) when open app?

@danielPettifer, I am not sure how to prevent the overflowscroll for this component. I will dig into some more details and see if it can be handled.

@hungha, current component support only hidden pages. I will checkout, if ionic tabs support routing.

It’s ok now I added a white background:


In case someone else is looking for animated tabs or swipable tabs, i just created a directive for that matter.
just give it a try, GitHub repository.