Low quality google maps imagery

In my app I need to use Google Maps satellite imagery, so I’ve added Gmaps to my Ionic project using the Gmaps JavaScript SDK. I can successfully show the map in my app, but the quality is very low. Other apps, probably native, appear way more crisp. Also, while developing in chrome using the device simulator, the imagery is also high quality.
I attached a picture showing the same area in an Ionic app and in Geotracker (an app from the play store, probably native Java). Is there anything I can do to render decent satellite imagery?

The forum shrunk my image and not much is visible. Here is the original image: https://i.imgur.com/vzP6qnH.jpg

Adding zoom: 0.5; on the map div somewhat fixes the problem, but now scrolling the map is slow, and the center of zooming in/out is offset.

Not 100% sure here, as it’s been a while since i’ve used google maps, but you could try to use &markers=scale:2|icon=icon@2x.png&scale=2 at the end of the url?

Thanks for the idea. I’m using the JS API, these params are not for the static API ?

:man_shrugging: Not sure to be honest. I haven’t used google maps in a while due to privacy concerns. But in my research it looks like these params are valid, just not documented.

I just tried them in the JS api, I can’t notice any difference :/. I’ve also changed all 2’s to 8’s to make sure any difference would be noticeable.

Meanwhile I found out that this is a thing of the google maps JS API, so probably unrelated to Ionic or Capacitor. I can’t understand how I’m the only one annoyed by this.
If any one is interested, I describe the issue here