Looking for open code showcase


I’m new to Ionic 2 but quite familiar with Angular (>=2), SASS & HTML.
Ionic 2 doc is nice but not that “full”. For example I’m trying to use image picker to choose an image from my gallery and display it in my app. I can hoose it and I get some URI, path to the image. Unfortunately, using this path in the <img [src]…> is not working so I’m looking for a working example.

I think some real examples would be really great. If you take a look at primeng showcase for example, you have everything you need to use these components, and I’d like something like this…

Does anyone know where I can find such examples of code ?
thanks in advance !

I don’t know about the specific image example you mentioned, but I have found these resources really useful:

You can also take a look at the ionic market place https://market.ionic.io . There is some good stuff there

Thanks a lot !
they seem to be great resources :slight_smile: