Looking for help compiling my existing ionic app into an Android app

I’ve built a web app in Ionic one. But I’m having a hard time compiling it to an Android app. I am looking for someone to hire to help me build this Android app. Remote work is just fine. I’m in Chicago.

Hi @chaudruc am interested to work with you.please feel free to text me


Hi Sai-
Thank you for your reply.
Are you working for yourself or representing a company?

I have a web app at http://podcastgrabber.com built with ionic1 but I am having a hard time compiling it into an Android App.

I would like to see if you can do the following:

  1. Help me debug the app for android
  2. Teach me why it is not compiling
  3. Compile the code into an APK

What are the next steps? Would you like a ZIP of my code?

What do you charge for this service?

Hello @chaudruc

Is this requirement still open? We are a company can check help you in this. Please contact us at manish[at]opensourcetechnologies.com

You can check our theme http://market.ionic.io/user/153226


Hi ,

I am Anil, Senior I.T Consultant at Daffodil Software Ltd.

Sure, we can assist you with your requirement easily as we have an expert team of Ionic app developers. I would love to discuss the project with you on phone/Skype call. My Skype id is anil-daffodil

You can also email me at anil@daffodilsw.com

Kind Regards,
Anil Bharadwaj

Hi @chaudruc

Chris, I am very much interested to work with you. please feel free to contact me.

Have working experience of 5+ years in ionic and other cross platform Apps, so can definitely assist you.

Skype: aaron.cis

Hey, i’ve written one of the most viewed toturials of all time on this topic right here: Ionic toturial for building a release.apk I could help you out if you’d like

Thank you for your reply - I am already working with someone on this project.

Thank you for your reply - I am already working with someone on this project. Nice tutorial!

Thank you for your reply - I am already working with someone on this project. Appreciate your offer.

I am interested in integrating satellizer for user authentication in my app.

I would need a user to authenticate using the following methods:

This requires a server-side laravel API set up as well and db creation.
I can do this portion.

Only certain routes would need to be “locked down” - not the whole app.

Please provide an estimate of what you would charge for this implementation.

Hi @chaudruc
I am good at developing ionic apps. I will do that.

Please feel free to contact me on ionicsan46@gmail.com