Looking for a doc about Ionic components used in PWA Toolkit

Hi everybody,

Does someone knows where can I found a doc about Ionic components which are used in Ionic PWA Toolkit ?

I just start an experimental app using Stenciljs and Ionic PWA Toolkit with Josh Monory tutorial (https://www.joshmorony.com/building-a-pwa-with-stencil-an-introduction-to-stencil/) and I see than Ionic components doesn’t exactly works like in ionic-angular.

For exemple, in Ionic we use :

<ion-buttons end> ... </ion-buttons>

and in Stenciljs we use :

<ion-buttons slot="end"> ... </ion-buttons>

and my problem is that I don’t know where can I found any doc which explain, for example, that in Stenciljs “if you want to specify ion-buttons position, you need to put “slot” attribute where the attribute’s value is the position”


I don’t think it exists yet. You can check the milestones for the stencil site to see what the documentation plans are. Both the documentation, and what Stencil can do, are actively changing.

Edit: also worth mentioning, the official Stencil site does not currently pass all PWA checks. So it’s a work in progress.

There is a list of breaking changes for ionic-angular v4 on github. The Ionic PWA toolkit uses @ionic/core and not @ionic/angular, so not everything will apply. But it might still be useful.

That’s exactly what I was searching ! Thanks for the link !