LokiJS using IndexedDB adapter on a Windows 10 platform

Have anyone tried using this on Ionic2 beta 11 using the indexedDB adapter? It gives me the White Screen of Doom when running on Device and Emulators. The error it gives me is that IndexedDB is not available.

BUT…it runs well on Android devices and emulators. I just tried it on my tablet and it runs fine. Please help guys :frowning:

There are many problems with IndexedDB.

My solution was to use LokiJS with LocalForage.

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looks easy to use. But I noticed that it is an API for LocalStorage and I used IndexedDB because Local Storage might delete the DB because OS’es are made that way.

LocalStorage is only used for systems with no long-term storage options.

So how does it store it long term?

Mozilla wrote a lot of fall-backs since no two devices are guaranteed to have the same storage abilities. If you read through this doc, it’ll give you a better idea…


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Ok now I get it. Wow this was a great idea by Mozilla.

I forgot to tell you that this still doesn’t make it run on Windows 10 platform for some reason. Check the debugger, no luck. I still see the white screen of Doom. But it is the app not the ionic platform because when creating a new project that builds for windows 10 platform :frowning: