Logout forum

I don’t can do logout from forum.ionicframework.com
This account belongs to my boss… I click in logout and in login, and the same account login again, dont show me field to write my login and pass.


How about opening an Incognito mode browser window?
Like this:

Alternatively, you can go to your browser’s history and clear all your cookies, references, etc to the forum and navigate back to it.

PS: perhaps if you want more views (and potentially answers) for your post, you may want to post it in another category (not in tutorials…)

I think you will need to revoked your oauth app access to this forum from your github/bitbucket and wait awhile then only retry, seems like discourse issue.

If it does not work, try gusgonnet method which clear all your cookies, references, etc browser data then only retry logout and login.

Hope this helps others since I joined this forum two days ago and not able to find a solution in this forum.

For bitbucket account can follow this link: https://intercom.help/appcenter/en/articles/1339668-i-have-connected-to-the-wrong-bitbucket-account-how-can-i-re-connect-to-the-correct-one#:~:text=In%20order%20to%20connect%20to,through%20the%20Oauth%20flow%20again.