Forums: How to delete a forum account OR get the login button back to asking for user credentials

For some reason, I managed to clear my browser cache and had to login again. I was thinking that I have used my github account, but I was wrong. A new account was created with an 0 at the end.

Now I can’t login again with my original account. Everytime I log out and and press the Login-Button, I am getting automatically logged in, not matter how often I delete my cookies and clear the cache (in chrome), currently writing from Safari, as I could login here.

I was hoping I could simply delete this new account, but there’s no delete button in my preferences.

Any ideas?


Hi @HeikoKanzler, to start, go to to force logout your Ionic session.

Then try to log back in under the previous login you used (if you signed up a while ago, it will be under your email not github/etc.)

If that doesn’t work we can try another option. Thanks.

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Yay, that worked!

(I would NEVER think about logging out from my Ionic account to get my forum account running again. Thank you!)

Yea this is confusing, we’re going to fix it. Glad it’s working now!!!