Logo click behavior

I don’t know if this is a Discourse thing or a PEBKAC thing, but it used to be that clicking the site logo in the top left corner took me to a screen displaying most recent posts in all categories. I liked that.

Now doing the same thing takes me to a screen that I like considerably less, because fully half the horizontal screen real estate is devoted to displaying unchanging descriptions of forum categories.

Is there anything I can do to get the old behavior back, short of training myself never to click on the most obvious element in the entire UI?


Same for me - for me the old logic would be better too

@rapropos - just mentioned that the default homepage can be changed in the interface preferences :smiley: You can change it back to “latest”

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Hey all, we decided to change the default landing page to make it easier for people to see which Ionic projects they can post about here. We’re following the lead from some other successful OSS forums that have to support multiple products, like Hashicorp: https://discuss.hashicorp.com/

I know it’s a big change but should help reduce noise, people posting in the wrong place, or not realizing they can post about certain Ionic projects here.

Thanks for understanding. It has grown on me already and I was skeptical of it at first!

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@max yes i think for people needing help here, this change makes sense! For me as a more helping person, it’s a bit annoying, but i’m able to change this in the settings so doesn’t matter :smiley: But about this setting: It seems like it not works on mobile phone

Great point, will make sure others know they can change this. Not sure about mobile, guessing they limit functionality given the small screen :frowning:

But this setting, just makes me possible to set the default selected Tab. Think it can/should work on mobile too.

/me hugs and kisses @EinfachHans

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works on mobile now too :smiley: