[IONIC 4] Remove list item default click animations

I think I’ve seen some related old posts around but really nothing has worked, can anyone help me?
The screenshots I’m providing are from the android build, which is my target, but the same behaviour happens in all platforms and browsers.

Not clicked


I wanna remove that white effect on click, and once I get that done I’m thinking of doing something like, when I click the text turns red, and then white again after click is complete.

In terms of code, I don’t have anything special to show, just a really simple list on the side menu with items in it.

Ion-item case docs

I’d try --background-activated or highlight-color-activated or ripple-color. I’m on mobile so I haven’t had a chance to test this yet but I’d start here

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I set the --background-activated to transparent and it fully disabled the ripple effect, you’re the real mvp, thanks!

Nice. I made a typo, the other 2 case vars need -- in front to work as well

Yeah I realized that afterwards, I tried the other 2 commands with – aswell setting them different colors and they didn’t do anything at all ahaha
I’ve read the list of properties and I really can’t think of any of these that would allow me to set the text color when the item is activated, instead of the background, do you have any suggestion?

I can remember where to find a list of global css vars

You might be able to set something like ion-item-color-activated but I’d have to do some more searching

I’ve just tried stuff like
–ion-item-color-activated: red;
–ion-text-color-activated: green;
–ion-color-activated: yellow;
and some more variations I came up with, nothing worked so far, I guess trying to guess it isn’t the right approach :man_shrugging: I’ll also try to find the official variable later

Yeah I can’t remember where I found that stuff. I’ll do some more research today

That would be amazing, thank you for your support AGAIN ahah!!