Login problem with Capacitor + Auth0

Hi guys,

we are experiencing a stucking problem.

We are using Auth0, Capacitor and Ionic5 Angular. When we try to login with Auth0 we get this error

Login:1 Failed to launch ‘io.rexulta.ionic.angular://re2n-dev.eu.auth0.com/capacitor/io.rexulta.ionic.angular/tabs/dashboard?code=dJZXix10LhWSNY0u&state=ZEJvWWYtWWd3emU1eWU2TC5zNHZjTWdmdXFaT284aXEuOXRpd0RKR3B0Mg%3D%3D’ because the scheme does not have a registered handler.

There anybody can help us?

did you ever get this resolved? I am experiencing a similar issue