Login not working in ios 10.3.2 and libMobileGestalt MobileGestaltSupport.m:153:


part of my code stopped working with ios 10.3.2 (last executed line is $state.go). I am unable to login.
The app only works in simulator with iphone 7!

In console i see this error (only in iphone 6, 6s but not in 7)

libMobileGestalt MobileGestaltSupport.m:153: pid 1061 (SMed) does not have sandbox access for frZQaeyWLUvLjeuEK43hmg and IS NOT appropriately entitledIn console i see this:

I marked with an arrow the latest line executed
This is part of the code:

$scope.login = function(){

                      $scope.error = '';
                      $ionicAuth.login('basic', $scope.data).then(function(){
                                                                  console.log("login started");

                                                                  console.log("login change!");

                                                                  $state.go('menu.medic'); <- - - -  stop here

                                                                  }, function(){
                                                                  $scope.error = 'Error.';

someone can help me?