Login failedError: A network error(such as timeout, interrupted connection or unreachable host)

Hello all

I am currently developing a push notification application. In order for the user to log in the application User authentication along with Firebase Authentication has been implemented. The application works fine when I run it through my web browser using “ionic serve”. I can log in the application whenever I want. When I lunch the application for the first time on my Galaxy s6 android device, I can login fine. But if I try to login again after I close the app and start it again it gives me the following error: Login failed Error: A network error (such as timeout, interrupted connection or unreachable host). The weird thing is that the application was running fine until two days before but when I try to work on it today I am getting the same error all the time. If I uninstall the application or re-start my device I can again login in the application but again after the first login I am getting the same error. Can anyone please help me?

Thanks in regards