Lock screen player

can some one help me to find (or to build)
cordova plugin for lock screen controls

spent a lot of time on this but didn’t find a solution yet…

check out the Ionic Native MusicControls plugin

i already use it but its not for lockscreen ((

Sure it is…what are u using it for? The whole purpose of the plugin is to show your music controls on the lock screen

the purpose just rewrite default title text image and music controls yes
but this plugin not working on android lockscreen (at least at miui 8)

I’ve got it working, as well as many others… although it did take me some time to get it all figured out. Again this is the whole purpose of this plugin, use this before searching for plugins outside of Ionic…If you need help getting the plugin to work you should post some code and more info about what you are doing…

i’ll test more on different phones

Might anyone have a code sample that updates the artwork and track name? I’m currently using HTML5 audio, which gives me the control/ progress bar , timestamps. It even works on the lockscreen player, and in background. But I can’t seem to update the artwork, and track name in the lock screen with either MusicControls, or NowPlaying. Any pointers is appreciated.