Location not working on iOS

I developed an app in ionic 3 with the geolocation Cordova plugin, at one point in my workflow, the system should get the geolocation (getCurrentPosition) and save it but it’s not working on iOS device (it does perfectly on Android), I noticed that iOS does not seem to ask for the permission.

I did add the “NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription” in the config.xml file but, when the App run on my iPad, it does not ask the permission and in the App settings, I can see the “Location” permission but it is set to “Never” and it’s greyed out and not selectable.

I am also using the Camera Plugin and I can see the Camera activated correctly in the settings.

this link guide nicely for me cordova-plugin-geolocation#ios-quirks


As I explained, I did add the NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription in the edit-config tag of the config.xml file.
On the ios device, I can see the “Location” permission but it’s locked (see screenshot)

you can change location permission manually? if yes
so change Never to Always & show your code will run or not.

if your code run than you uninstall app and then run they app.

I cannot change the permission, it’s greyed out and not modifiable, that’s my problem.

@YeaTii where did you publish your app in test flight or live app store .

I have same issue, I am using Ad Hoc also I cannot get location and cannot change permissions … !!

The location setting will be greyed out when the gps is disabled on your device.
Enable them by flipping the switch in settings > privacy > location services