Geolocation failure - iOS 9 (Never get permission prompt)

I’ve tried numerous different examples and cannot get geolocation to work once I build my app and install on my device (iPhone 6) via Xcode.

The examples work in browser and work in the Ionicview app however once installed they never return a location. So it’s just not a bit of code, none a numerous examples seem to work.

The Ionicview app is listed in location services however the app I install never appears and I never get prompted for permission to use location.

Ionic 1.7.16
Cordova 4.3.1 (after trying the latest and reinstalling the older version)

Is there a step I’m missing?

Are you getting any errors? Are you wrapping the code in ionic.platformReady?

Yes the examples I’m using do wrap the code in ionic.platformReady and, as explained earlier they work in ionicview but not once installed as a stand alone app on my device.

Have you tried live debugging with Safari to see if there are possibly any JS errors that happen?

@iWatch, have you resolved this? I am having the same problem. Thanks.

@iWatch, I’ve got a similar problem than you. Despite it has passed some time since your original post, this may help others. If you’re having trouble making Cordova GeoLocation plugin to work on iOS, try this.