localStorage gets cleared when App restarts


I’m using the ionic framework and the window.localStorage object to store data (e.g.: did the user ever log into the app)
This works fine while the app is running, but on every restart it seems like the localStorage get’s cleared (Android, not sure on iOS)

I’m accessing it through window.localStorage.getItem() and window.localStorage.setItem()
I build the app with Cordova 4.3.0

Am I doing anything wrong? Should I use a different method?


Having the same problem, although mine seems to work fine during development and the problem appears only when I build for release.

Here says that its a known bug for chromeview and that it has been fixed in newer versions.


@nephix, what browser and version are you currently using in your app?

I can confirm the problem being solved after upgrating to the latest canary version of crosswalk chromeview (14.42.334.0)