Local storage change in location

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Where is Localstorage currently located. I no longer see it in ‘ionic-angular’.

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See release notes RC.0:

Storage has been removed from ionic-angular and placed into a separate module, @ionic/storage. Starters have been updated to add this, make sure to add it to your package.json if you’re using the storage system. See more details here.

Aaah, cool thanks, Did Localstorage fall away completely? Do I just use Storage now for the purpose of temporary storage?

before my approach was like this

import { Storage, LocalStorage } from 'ionic-angular';

local: Storage;

 constructor(private http: Http, private _profile: IProfile) {
 this.local = new Storage(LocalStorage);

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Don’t know that sorry (I use localforage)

Cool, no problem, thanks

Yes, you should. It handles your localstorage as well.

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@luukschoen is right:

if you want to use locaforage:

and using storage:

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