Local SQLite problems

Hey guys.

I’m still learning Ionic and try different stuff.
At the moment I am trying to implement SQLite on my App. This is needed, because the same DB is running on a server to be edited by a desktop application. ( the App just sends a small amount of information)

I tried different guides and tutorials, but nothing worked. My App can’t even find the neccessary plugin for that(it was installed by CLI and implemented at modules and the page’s .ts file)

My question is now: Is there anybody who can create short code how to implement and start a new database in the actual Ionic Framework?

Another problem is: How to create a db in a seperate .ts file and access it from my pages .ts files? Where should I put the single .ts file in?

Hopefully my english is understandable :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers!

hi, see my project https://github.com/luckychel/VLTPayback/blob/master/src/services/settings-service.ts

Hi, thank you for the answer. I gave it a short try.
‘ionic-native’ is not in my node modules. So it could not be found.

Do you use an older version?

Found a SQLite from ‘@ionic-native/sqlite’

This is my implementation. Hope it helps.