Local Notifications repetitions!

Hello i am trying to implement local notification
it works perfectly right and shows notification on NotificationTime
but when i add every param for daily notification,it does not show notifications
also if add minute it start showing notification every minute the moment it sets ignoring at:NotificationTime
not showing notifications for week also
my code is

title: ‘Local ILocalNotification Example’,
text: ‘Multi ILocalNotification 2’,
at: NotificationTime,
every: ‘day’

please help

can you provide more code?

and please also use the code formating option for better visibility

Here is the complete code
let notification = {
title: ‘Local ILocalNotification Example’,
text: ‘Multi ILocalNotification 2’,
at: firstNotificationTime,
every: ‘day’



    this.localNotifications.cancelAll().then(() => {




Did you resolve this?

No, I stuck in local notifications repetition every day or specific intervals like at fixed time daily

pls help thanks a lot

Actually I want to trigger a notification every day at a specific time. I’m unable to achieve it.