Local notification not working when I try to make it repeating - ionic 3

Hey every body,

I’m trying to make local notification that alarm me every day or every week…
The plugin installed successfully and the notification works but it doesn’t when I try to add repeating.

Here my code:

	id: 1,
	title: "title1" ,
	text: "description1",
	every: 'week',
	//at: notificationTime
	trigger: { at: notificationTime }

Here the version of local notification:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-local-notification" spec="^0.9.0-beta.2" />

Here the output of “ionic info” :


Hi is there any update yet?

There is no … i removed repeated notification from my project

Wish someone help us if any

From my experience, scheduled local notifications don’t work correctly in development, but work fine in production. If you follow the instructions exactly on the cordova github page then it should work correctly when you build for release.

Thanks for reply

Can u share us any code that can be work in case repeat every weak or month or day ? Because I checked so many solutions but no good news.

Have you tried in production? This is the link I used to build it. If you’re still having issues after this I’ll dig out the code.

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Hi, The link you have mentioned this is working for version 8.5, but not for the latest one.

No problem if u work on old versions

For me, i checked his solution and now my project cannot be built to upload the new version of app on google play :frowning:

Yep… If you have time you can give a try on this.