Local notifications, correct behavior?

I’m using local notifications as stated in the docs, I have a timer function that triggers the notification and the notification is as follows:

  this.notification = {
                id: 1,
                title: 'Fitness App',
                text: 'Timer Finished',
                at: Date.now()

Scheduled with:


This works fine but it doesn’t pop down like a normal notification should. I have attached a gif to this post if someone can view it and tell me if this is the expected behavior of the local notifications. If you look at the status bar at the top (right at the start of the video) you will see a bell icon appear showing I got the notification. But it doesn’t pop down as I expect it to.


You mean https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/local-notifications/?

Yes, that’s what I’m using. I found out the name of the notification is a heads up notification but can’t find a definitive answer on if it works or not.

Just to follow up on this post in case anybody stumbles across it I found a solution which can be seen here Local Notification issue

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