Local notification vs Push notification


I’m using local notification for my app. It’s working perfectly instead of one problem, that is the notifications cannot be fired when the app is not running (swipe from recent apps). So I consider integrating Push notifications to my app as well and now I’m confused with following ideas, hope someone could make it clear for me:

  1. Is push notification the only way to show my app’s notifications to device when the app is not running ? Could local notifications somehow do that ?

  2. If I integrate both push notification and local notification, would they conflict each other ? Do push notification have method to detect the app’s state, so I can only fire push notification when the app is not running, otherwise I will use local notification as normal.

  3. Or, Is integrating only push notification enough ? ( But I still prefer using local notification whenever I could because I don’t have to depend on other service but using the device to show notification on it own)


I’m would also like to know this. I want be able to schedule notifications from within the app to fire when the app is not running.


Could some one help me with this ?
Thank you.


Push notification works the same way as local notification with a minor difference. Push notifications require connectivity and a server infrastructure of some kind to send the notification. With local notification you can trigger the notification with conditions, i.e if( pushTime == currTime) show-notification. You will get the notification even if the app is closed and you’re offline. And having both notifications won’t cause implications. I used to send push notification with Parse before it went prison break on us, now I use 1Signal. I’m pretty sure you can fire a local notification with content from the server (make local notification work as a push notification, I’ll test this).


Hi duonglei,
I also have a same problem with you.
What is an answer of this topic?