Scheduling local Notification when app not running?

can the local notification be scheduled when app is not running ?

I dont mean receiving when app is closed ! i mean shcheduling and receiving the same notification immediately !

I got it working but it can schedule only if the app is minimized or running !

Thanks ! help is appreciated

You might want to checkout the plugin docs,

Thanks for the response ! :slightly_smiling:

I checked it ! but its not answering how will i schedule it when app is not running !

To schedule or not to schedule is the decision made based on user location !

from the docs , i understand how to schedule for future but afterall its a cordova plugin which requires device to be ready to work for which app should be running.

on success callback (for getting user location) i can only make http calls ! it also schedules notification but only if app is minimized or running !

Only alternative i could think of is push service where i can trigger a notification with http call to rest api !

I tried ionic push service …which worked great but its only free during aplha stage ? i fear my client would pay later on for a current free service :stuck_out_tongue:

any idea about the pricing ? so client can be convinced :joy:

Thanks again for reply sir !