Capacitor - Local apk and how to make it work with all networks

Hi, im currently building an app in ionic/capacitor and i was curious if i can run the local apk on my phone excpecting it will work with all networks? For now i was able to run it in my only on wifi home network (otherwise app is not connecting to my API not consedering my mobile network data as network which is pretty much annoying)

Its my first post so if i missed some information or default data about post please tell me in advance ill to try provide as much info as i can.

Thanks o/

It’s hard understand what your question is. Apks work on any network.

Ye, basically my apk works only with my WIFI, so when im switchting to mobile network i behave like theres no network.

I was thinking if its a way to allow all connection or maybe if its disabled by default or smt :confused:

No, its your internet connection.

Capacitor doesn’t use a web server, so should always work no matter what you network are you connected too and even without network, are using live reload?

If you are not using live reload, are you connecting to some server for getting information from som API?
If that’s the case, you have to configure that server for being accessible from outside of your local network, or use a remote server.