Loading template not visible in beta.10


I just upgraded from beta.4 to beta.10 and when I call $ionicLoading.show with my template it is not visible. I inspected the dom and it definitely exists, but all is see is the backdrop.

Even when I use all the defaults and just call an $ionicLoading.show() I only see the backdrop.

Am I missing an important detail?


Issue was with the CSS in my application, apologies for the forum spam.


Glad to see you got things resolved :smile:


@daemoncahill could you write down what exactly was the problem, cause im facing the same thing…


In my particular case the path the JS lib was correct but the path to the CSS lib was wrong.


Just found out what was wrong, i was using another css file(ionic.app.css from the ionic-chat app) which was overidng my own ionic.css, had to go there and delete the .loading style…