$ionicLoading not working with beta 11


I moved yesterday from beta 9 to beta 11, and the loadings aren’t displayed anymore.
This code was working on beta 9, and now it isn’t anymore.

  templateUrl: '/views/loading-spinner.html',
  noBackdrop: false

Is there any solution for that ?

I am having the exact same issue. Just upgraded from beta9 to 11 and my loading show isn’t working anymore. I’m still digging through google, SO and these forums to find a solution, but perhaps a solution is already known and I’m just not finding it. Thanks!

edit: ANSWER FOUND: I neglected to also upgrade ionic.css. Hope this helps the OP and/or they already found the answer, too!

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Hi guys, had the same problem, it is a css issue the .loading gave me a head ache just trying to find it, but maybe this will also help, using it as a service: $ionicLoading as a Service

hope this helpes…

That was it ! I forgot to update the ionic.css too.