Loading "spinner" and Restangular: how to use them together

Hello, I’m following this tutorial:


I want to have a loading “spinner” while my content are fetched with an api call.
I’m using Restangular to manage the Restful API.

In my routes.js I have

.state('app.galleries', {
    url: "/galleries",
    views: {
      'menuContent': {
        templateUrl: "templates/gallery_index.html",
        controller: 'GalleriesCtrl',
        resolve: {
          galleries : ['GalleryFactory', function(GalleryFactory) {
              return GalleryFactory.getList();

My Factory


.factory('GalleryFactory', ['Restangular', function(Restangular) {
    return Restangular.service('galleries');

And my controller


.controller('GalleriesCtrl', function($scope, galleries) {
  $scope.galleries = galleries;

Everything works fine but I don’t have the loading spinner! Where is the problem?

Do I have to modify this to work with Restangular?

app.config(function($httpProvider) {
  $httpProvider.interceptors.push(function($rootScope) {
    return {
      request: function(config) {
        return config
      response: function(response) {
        return response

Thank you

I am using angular-loading-bar with Restangular and it works automagically for every http request. I don’t need to write additional interceptors, so you might want to look into their source code

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