Ionic 1 & angular-loading-bar

Did someone managed to use this plugin and make it work without forcing the start of the loading bar?

Just took a look to the debugger I’ve seen that Ionic have an interceptor who is calling the rest of methods, but doesn’t call the ‘request’ method of the plugin.


I am not able to understand what you said . But I think you a adding a loading screen for your mobile application. If so use ionicloading function instead of a external plugin .

Eg. To show a loading icon
template: ‘Loading…’
And to hide use
Below is link for ionic official documentation. Hope it helps$ionicLoading/

Hi nagarjunbn8, thanks for your answer but it doesn’t answer to my question.

I’ll explain again, and see if I manage to make me understand :slight_smile:

I would like to use the following plugin:

The reason is not the “loading spinner” or bar, but the XHR calls management that makes use of.
So that plugin shows a loading for any XHR call grouping all them, so gives a really nice feeling of stability, consistency etc. Without needing of starting/stopping the loader. (it is automatic).

I’ve found out Ionic Framework have interceptors that interferes on that plugin interceptor ( :stuck_out_tongue: )
So the “automatism” doesn’t work anymore.

That’s a pity.
I’ve even found an example of a project where is used both, Ionic and angular-loading-bar , but looks they arriver to the same point I did: The start/end should be triggered manually by the user of the plugin (aka, me)

That’s why my question is actually:

Thanks in advance.