Loader in ionic v2


do we have any loader component in this version like we have in v1 $ionicLoading


It is not added yet. We plan on adding this component, but we want to make sure existing components are working/styled properly and improve performance before adding new components. As of today these are some of the components that are missing:

  • Infinite-Scroll
  • Pull to refresh
  • Popover
  • SVG Spinners
  • Loading service
  • Range slider
  • Select Boxes

@brandyshea any updates?

I don’t know if it’s official, but Adam mentioned that the loading service was being bumped up from around beta.7 (I think) to beta.4 which is the next release. Given the space between releases that’ll likely be soon.

@joshmorony that would be awesome. Thanks!!!

There’s an open issue here that I’m currently working on :slight_smile: