Livereload without internet connection

I am preparing for a coding session on a long flight, but I ran into a problem running ionic without an internet connection.
When doing ionic emulate ios -l -c I get:

Setup Live Reload
Unable to find an IPv4 address for run/emulate live reload.
Is WiFi disabled or LAN disconnected? (CLI v1.3.0-beta1)

Can’t it use localhost for this?

Would you mind updating your CLI to 1.3.2

npm install -g ionic

Not sure if it was an issue with that version of the CLI, but I can run and test an app without wifi.

I’m using ionic 1.3.16.

I’m using the live reload feature in emulation mode:

% ionic run --emulate -l

The loopback interface (lo0, is not offered among the network choices. This makes it impossible to use live reload feature without a network connection on the ethernet or wifi interface.

Has anyone solved this problem?

Hi guys, has anyone in this thread found out if it’s possible to use ionic run without having an network connection?

Its a Old discussion , but anyone find the solution for this ? i am facing the same problem

ionic cli 3 beta 5 also hv problem in ‘ionic serve’ without internet connection

ionic emulate ios -l -c
[ERROR] Unable to find command: emulate ios

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||___/|| |||___| CLI 6.17.0

does anyone know how to Livereload without internet connection?