Live Reload on Android Device run without error but does not reflect changes

I try to run the command **ionic run android --livereload** to debug my ionic 2 app on my real android device. I’ve already connected my pc and android device to the same network.

The build run successfully without any error. App on device shows up smoothly. However, when I make some changes in the app and save, the app running on the device doesn’t reflect any change.

I try r command (restart the client app on the root) in the Ionic Server Command. The app on device blinks once, but still not reflecting changes.

Could you please show me how to do this ? Thank you

Same here. I use ionic-cli v2.1.0

Same problem here, i tried too but run doesnt live reload

Add a parameter to the run command --address [your_ip_address] . You need to stay in the same network (pc|laptop|Mac and your phone).

i stay in the same network but doesnt live reload