Live Images are showing on offline(no internet) mode too - Ionic 3 App

I’m using this cache API to cache the content on the page.All are working fine.But when I disconnected the internet on the mobile device, I can see all the image content too on the cached page.Those images are coming from AWS and having a path like below.When I debugged the offline use case, the URLs are same as below. In other words, I didn’t put any special effort to cache the images. So my question is, how those images are showing on offline use case? You can see that according to the image URLs it must work only on the online use case. So how this works? Hope you’ll give a feedback for this.

By disconnect means: disconnecting from the internet with the app open

Use case:

I have an online page(i.e. working only with the internet) where the user can select the content for the offline(i.e. no internet) reading.What I have done here is, I have cached the content and then use that already cached content on the offline page.But I didn’t put any special effort to cache the images. As I mentioned above I can see the live URLs on the images on the offline page too.But still, those images are shown on that offline page.Any clue, please?

I have closed the app (i.e. removed from the background) and open a fresh copy. It shows images without any issue.But I must say this, It happens only on the cached page.All other images on other online pages are not showing at all.Any thoughts?
I don’t need any authenticate to connect and retrieve the images.All are public images just now.

This is the image URL on offline page too:

<img src="">