Cached image won't show up unless there is interaction with an app - Android

I am using a Fetch API & Filesystem to cache images. When the file is not cached then the app downloads it and saves through Filesystem plugin. Everything goes fine but once the image is cached then it does not appear in the view. Only when I click anywhere in the app it appears. When I open app later and the file has been already cached before then it shows up without any problem. So the only issue is on initial load when it downloads but not show without my interaction.

The interesting thing is that it only happens on Android devices. Running web and iOS works smoothly.

It could be a Change Detection not triggering? But the component uses the default Change Strategy. Plus it works on iOS. Therefore I doubt it could be caused by a faulty change detection.

There are no console errors shown, img has the correct file path and the app works as intended once I click anywhere.

Any suggestions how can I debug it?