Little delay when opening app - iOS

Hello Ionicers!

Any of you have noticed that little delay when opening iOS app?

How to reproduce: touch the icon, it gets dimmed, and then it opens. There is the delay. I dont know if it’s iOS related (something about webview or dunno), or if its Ionic related.

Native apps doesn’t have this delay (though there is a little delay sometimes when you are first running it).

Well, it’s not critic, but would be really cool to solve that.

Anyone else?

Did you solve this problem? I’m in the same way and I can’t take it out.


I didn’t =(

I think it’s not a ‘problem’, it’s just how Ionic is. I’ve tried Ionic 2 and it’s not faster, so I’m assuming this is how Ionic and WebView works

Oh really? :frowning:
It’s so annoying, is there some way to solve this? I’ve downloaded some apps which were developed with ionic and they don’t have delay to open. :frowning:

Really? Now I’m bugged. Why would my app take longer?
I mean, I’ve downloaded the HelloWorld app and it took a lot longer than my React Native app (which has tons of stuff going on already).