IOS - Every action on IOS has delay - Ionic 3

Hi All!
I am buiding an Ionic app and when I run on IOS , every action has delay (ion-slides, ion-item-sliding, scroll , left menu when is open - take i think 300ms to load the content).
I make ios build using : ionic cordova build ios --prod --aot --minifyjs --minifycss --optimizejs, and after run on device using Xcode.
I tried using cordova-plugin-ionic-webview, but application on ios run with delays.


I you add actions on other elements that button and a you have to specify the argument tappable to avoid the 300ms delay

<div tappable>

<ion-slide tappable ...>


Yes. every element except “button” and “ion-icon” has “tappable”. Only on Ios run with delays.

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Weird then, this plus

ionic cordova build ios --prod

should be enough

Maybe reinstall the cordova-plugin-ionic-webview plugin (just maybe don’t install the last one but 1.1.19 if you want my advice, because of that bug v1.2.0 can't display image from the camera · Issue #93 · ionic-team/cordova-plugin-ionic-webview · GitHub)

Ok. I will try your version and i will announce you about the results. Thanks!

I used cordova-plugin-ionic-webview@1.1.19 and now my app runs very smooth on Ios. Thanks!

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If your app is open source, you should probably then open an issue in the repo about it and provide your app as example

PS.: you could also mark your answer to your question as the solution