List with checkbox disable

Hello all,

Here is my codepen

In this demo application I have two list array one is “items” and second is “items1”.

I want to

  1. show list as such that where some items from items array should be pre-checked which are in items1. 2) I do not want user to check and uncheck so that means checkbox should be disable.

How Can i do that with this my demo codepen.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, take a look at this :

  • objects in ‘items1’ are ‘checked’ and ‘disabled’

Thanks @amrithyerramilli for reply.

Shall I do same thing with this codepen ?

  1. I want to show list items right marked circled icon with item name whos name is present in items1 array. Its followup question for above.
  2. How can i set that icon to the right side of the item.