Ion-list with ion-reorder-button and other button on the right


I am trying to add an additional button (not an ion-option-button) to an ion-list.

I want the button to be on the right, so i added the ion-icon-right to the ion-item.
Basically I hide this button when I activate reordering.

The button has an ng-click property triggering a function call.
Before activating reordering everything is ok, but when activating ordering and then switching back the click on my button is prevented.

Here is a codepen that shows the problem

Hmm, seems this is an issue.

Even If you remove the icon, it seems you’re able to reorder the items.
I’ll open an issue for this

thanks for the quick response.
I think it’s a typo in toggling button classes (‘visible’ vs ‘invisible’)

Just opened a PR on Github for the issue you filed.

Best regards

Awesome, saw the PR. The devs will take a look at it when they get a chance


I have similar issue, in my screen I have a delete button and reordering button. But as per our requirement, Delete button should be hidden if user starts reordering the list.

So, is there any event that tell me if user starts reordering the list, so that I can hide the delete button.