List performance vs same in mobile browser


We have our website that is mobile friendly, it contains a posts list, and in the mobile browser it looks great and fast

But when i implemented the same list inside the ionic app it is very laggy.

Any ideas why, as i understand ionic/phonegapp is simpy inside a browser that is why this sounds weird


bumping up, someone something?


Plz provide some more information. Is your mobile website coded with angular? Are you using ng-repeat or collection-repeat? If you´re not using collection repeat, you should take a look at:


Thanks @m1crdy,
my website is coded with simple html and bootstrap.

BUT when i open my ionic app with a browser it works smoothly, but when I open it inside an app in my android (galaxy s4)

it is slow and laggy…


I also experienced this with android especially in versions before 4.4. So your Galaxy S4 is 4.3 or before. In my opinion the current beta state of ionic is not the best solution for low android apps. Ionic rocks for iPhone only at the current state.


any ideas how to use ng-collection with different heights on the posts?