List item ng-click not working


I’ve been reading here and seen that it seems to be resolved but in fact I’m trying this in navigator (chrome) and it’s not working (no alerts are shown):

  <ion-item ng-repeat="order in data.orders" ng-click="alert('me')">

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It is looking for a scope variable called “alert”. It won’t work to directly put alert in the ng-click. Try defining a function in your controller that alerts and call that.


well in fact that was a test, I’m trying to call a custom function:

<ion-item ng-repeat="order in data.orders" ng-click="loadOrder({{}})">

In controller I’ve defined:

$scope.loadOrder = function loadOrder(orderId) {

Also I’ve noticed that this is working:

<ion-item ng-repeat="order in data.orders">
  <button ng-click="loadOrder({{}})">Click me</button>

Any way to achieve this? (don’t want to use href because is loading a different state and I would like to preserve history so I’m doing by code)


Thanks @brandyshea, don’t know why but this is working:

<ion-item ng-repeat="order in data.orders" ng-click="loadOrder({{}})" href="#">


I have the same problem on iOS. It works well with ionic serve on my PC, but click event is not always triggered, with about 50% probability to trigger.
I tried with href="#" but found little difference. It works well for button but not for ion-item.


I was also facing the problem, then i came to know that I have to use $scope for the function and both call and calling method should be in the same controller scope

$scope.hello = function() {



Thanks, work for me…