List item ng-click event not working on Android 4.0

I have used List item in my app. At home page its working but on result page its not working on mobile (Android 4.0.1)

This is working

  <item ng-repeat="quiz in quizes" type="item-text-wrap" href="#/quiz/{{}}">

This is not working

      <item  ng-repeat="atmsq in attempt.seq"  ng-click="backtoQuiz($index)">
        <h3>{{$index+ 1}} - {{(attempt.attempt[atmsq].attempt=="") && 'Not Attempted' || 'Attempted'}} {{(attempt.attempt[atmsq].qFlag==true) && '- Flagged ' || ''}}</h3>

Only diff. in both are that i have used href in above and ng-click on second item tag.
Note : above code is working on other i.e tablet / browser

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Team EddyTools

Hmm it’s hard to say just from looking at the code you posted. Could you set up a Plunkr or Codepen for us to test out?

Unfortunately we also only ‘officially’ support Android 4.1+.

@eddytools Would you be able to pull down the latest nightly build and give it another shot?

I made a few changes that hopefully resolves this issue. Thanks.

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Thanks adam, things seems working on mobile(Android 4.0) also.

Yes its working now… thanks adam.