Learning Angular / Ionic. Need link to doc for this part

I followed the getting started and generated a side menu based app.
Everything worked out of the box.

I am studying the generated htmls and js now.

The app.js has the config in which a state is configured as such :

.state('app', {
      url: "/app",
      abstract: true,
      templateUrl: "templates/menu.html",
      controller: 'AppCtrl'

    .state('app.search', {
      url: "/search",
      views: {
        'menuContent' :{
          templateUrl: "templates/search.html"

The first state references to menu.html for the side menu , the other one references to search.html.

The other one consists a views object which has a “menuContent” property (as a string ?). and the templateUrl is nested inside it.

I can understand that it is all about angular-ui but am unable to find the docs for this.


got a link to a tutorial :smile:

look at this codepen